The cars are as much a character in Twisted Metal as the people driving them, and so a huge part of Peacock’s recent adaptation was ensuring the vehicles looked good. This video goes behind-the-scenes, explaining how the different cars were designed and subsequently brought to life – using unexpected materials, like baking trays.

In the case of protagonist John Doe’s car, four different versions were made, including two stunt versions and a remotely controlled one, which allowed the car to be driven while the actors performed inside. Once they were built, all of the vehicles had to be authentically weathered, to make it look like they’d spent the past 20 years out in an apocalyptic wasteland.

They’re cool props, and obviously integral to the show. While there’s no word on a second season just yet, we reckon the team will have its work cut out building the vehicles for that, because it’s poised to introduce even more cars from the franchise’s lore.