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Image: Push Square

Final Fantasy 16 attracted plenty of plaudits and critical acclaim, but series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi may have endorsed it with its most important yet, describing it as the “ultimate” entry in the franchise. The ex-Square Enix director – who left the company in 2003 – posted the comments on Twitter, which will come as music to the ears of the development team.

Despite launching to strong reviews, Final Fantasy 16 has been on a bit of a rollercoaster commercially these past few weeks. Originally, the publisher had said that it considered sales of the game to be “extremely strong”, but during an investor meeting it backtracked and blamed the PS5’s smaller install base for lower-than-expected numbers.

It’s likely the game will have long legs, especially considering the strong word of mouth surrounding it. And comments like these from Sakaguchi-san certainly won’t hurt on that front.

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