Final Fantasy 16 PS5

Square Enix has gone on record to say it's happy with the initial sales stats of PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy XVI, going so far as to consider them "extremely strong". In a statement given to IGN, the Japanese publisher goes on to compare the sales figures of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 in relation to the PS5's growing install base, stating Final Fantasy XVI has a high attachment rate when compared to what Cloud and co managed.

The full quote reads: "With 38 million PS5 consoles shipped globally (as of March 31, 2023), sales of Final Fantasy 16 surpassed three million units worldwide several days after its release on June 22, 2023. Taking into consideration the sales figures of the acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the difference in size of the install base of the PlayStation 4 at the time of this title’s release, we can see that the attach rate of Final Fantasy 16 is considerably high, given the PS5 install base."

It then continues: "Square Enix considers the initial sales results of Final Fantasy 16 to be extremely strong, and we will continue to carry out a wide range of initiatives to encourage even more people to play the game."

Concern surrounding the sales of Final Fantasy XVI began to spread as the game's sales plummeted in Japan during its second week on the market, while the RPG has dropped out of the top 10 best-selling physical titles in the UK. Given the fact Square Enix has in the past been disappointed by what first appeared to be high sales numbers for other franchises it once owned like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, this will be welcome news for fans.

With the game considered a success in-house — at least for now — producer Naoki Yoshida is contemplating DLC for the game. "But now we understand we're getting feedback from players that have played the game, and lots of players want to see more, and we know that and understand that. For us, we're taking that and then thinking about our options moving forward. So hopefully in the future, we can have something that we can give to you all," he said in an interview.