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Sea of Stars, the thoroughly likeable throwback JRPG which released earlier this week, may be available to download as part of PS Plus Extra (and, whisper it, Xbox Game Pass) but has still managed to surpass 100,000 sales in one day. It’s likely the vast majority of these units were purchased on PC and Nintendo Switch, but it’s still an impressive achievement in just 24 hours.

The title deserves its success, however, as we pointed out in our review: “Sea of Stars is immensely enjoyable from start to finish,” we wrote. “While it's been inspired by various classic RPGs, it sets itself apart with an engaging story, some brilliant characters, and surprisingly deep lore. On top of that, the combat is great fun thanks to its involving, strategic mechanics, and exploring the gorgeous pixelated world is rewarding.”

Did you add to Sea of Stars’ overall sales, or are you one of those who’s started playing it courtesy of PS Plus Extra? Be honest in the comments section below.