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The next content expansion for indie darling and 2022 contender for Push Square Game of the Year, Cult of the Lamb, has been delayed, going from "Mid 2023" to "Late 2023???". The expansion purports to focus on Cult depth and additional story elements. Developed by Massive Monser, an independent Australian development studio, Cult of the Lamb absolutely blew up in 2022, shipping more than a million units in its first week alone, a monstrous success for the small team.

This continues the years-long trend of Aussie indies just absolutely clowning on everything in sight, blazing a creative path for less imaginative but bigger and better-funded commercial studios to follow. Recent examples of this Oceanic mastery include (but are not limited to) Untitled Goose Game, Moving Out, The Forgotten City, Hollow Knight, Unpacking, and Armello, to name just a few. We have high hopes for the Mad Max-meets-Disco Elysium CRPG, Broken Roads, too.

In addition to the unique creativity of each of the developers named, this trend also tracks how long it took the ponderous Australian government to wake up and smell the money. Now it offers generous incentives to devs, hoping to foster the kind of creative hotbeds currently flourishing in Canada, Poland, and South Korea as an alternative to the traditional US, UK, and Japanese talent monopolies.

Are you looking forward to Cult of the Lamb's next expansion? Are you a fan of the recent raft of proudly 'Strayan-made video games? Let your bias show in the comments section below.