Cult of the Lamb returns to bring fire, faith, and steel to the anthropomorphic unbelievers in the Relics of the Old Faith update, which drops delightfully soon, on 24th April.

Relics of the Old Faith is a free update which comes with a variety of improvements across the board, which actually look like they could meaningfully improve the entire gameplay experience. New Heavy Attacks are being added, in addition to relics with universe-bending powers and more challenging crusades to undertake, and of course, a post-game storyline in which to unleash all of this newfound power.

But the improvements to the cult side of things are what has us really excited, sticklers for neatness and order that we are. You can command your Followers to keep their farms tidy via Farm Plot Signs and even assign one to meal prep, capable of automatically pumping out up to 30 meals for your congregation. Shared housing is being added, as are new animals to brainwash, such as badgers, penguins, and racoons.

Will you once more take up the cursed mantle of the Lamb? Entrust us with all of your worldly possessions as you begin your journey to enlightenment in the comments section below.