Armored Core 6 PS5 File Size

The good news: it's looking like you won't be forced to delete several games in order to fit Armored Core 6 on your PS5. The bad news: FromSoftware's latest still isn't what we'd call 'small' in terms of file size. In fact, it's pretty much bang in the middle of what most players would deem reasonable, weighing in at a not-so-terrible 43.3GB, according to the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size.

For what it's worth, the PS5 version is reportedly less chunky than its PS4 counterpart, which comes in at slightly larger 55.7GB. That's the PS5's Kraken compression technology having an impact, we assume.

Funnily enough, the developer's previous game, the universally praised Elden Ring, is about the same size as Armored Core 6 on Sony's current-gen console. Our PS5 SSDs thank you, FromSoftware — especially in a such a packed year where games like Diablo 4, Final Fantasy 16, and the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3 (supposedly) each demand a huge chunk of storage space.

Will you be downloading Armored Core 6 when it launches on the 25th August? Link your brain to the mechanised construct also known as the comments section below.

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