Crimson Desert Gamescom 2023 Gameplay

Remember Crimson Desert? The impressive looking open world adventure was first shown at The Game Awards back in 2020, and it was one of those gameplay trailers that had people questioning whether it was actually real footage. Roughly six months later, the project was delayed indefinitely, with developer Pearl Abyss stating that it would use the extra time to add "new ideas for an even deeper, more enriching game".

We haven't heard much about Crimson Desert since โ€” until now, that is. Rumoured over the last day or so and just confirmed by Gamescom Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley, the title will return during next week's event. Keighley says it'll be a "brand new look at gameplay".

As alluded, it feels like we need a good reason to believe in Crimson Desert. We've seen plenty of projects explode onto the scene with amazing trailers in the past, but so many seem to get stuck in development hell, are eventually cancelled, or they release and they're simply not what was once promised. Hopefully this showing will be a positive step forward for the action title.

How do you feel about Crimson Desert? Dream of a glorious adventure in the comments section below.