The Last Faith was announced over a year ago, and it's one we've been patiently waiting for. It's another of those action games that aims to bring the hardcore challenge of Soulslikes into the realm of side-scrolling. Coming from publisher PlayStack and developer Kumi Souls Games, this one in particular seems to have Bloodborne coursing through its veins.

While this new trailer is brief, it does remind us that The Last Faith is looking pretty dang good. Its gothic horror leanings, nasty enemies, bloody, impactful combat — it really does feel like a 2D take on FromSoft's beloved PS4 title. There's a heavier emphasis on magic here, but it looks like this game could give you Bloodborne-starved beasts out there something to chew on.

It also now has a November release window on PS5 and PS4, so it's only a few months down the line. What do you think of The Last Faith? Take the worryingly pointy elevator down to the comments section below.