The Last Faith is a solid gothic fusion of Metroidvania and Souls-Like, mashing mechanics from two relatively crowded subgenres into something that stands out thanks to gorgeous pixel art. Fans of tough, 2D platformers will likely find a lot to like here, doubly so if you are one of those tortured souls afflicted by a love of Bloodborne, to which The Last Faith pays a reverent homage.

You play as Eryk, a great cloak-wearing warrior awakened to a ravaged world populated by beasts, embarking on a dark odyssey in search of answers. The game world is vast and forbidding, and players will crisscross it as they unlock equipment and abilities that allow access to previously inaccessible locations, with an ever-reliable map that always kept us headed in the right direction. The artwork is sombre and beautiful, really nailing the dark-fantasy Victorian setting; the detail put into the numerous unique execution animations an unexpected delight.

Combat is a solid blend of melee, firearms, and spells that offers variety but minimal depth. There are some really cool twists on the trick weapons, again popularised by Bloodborne, that give added utility to imaginative armaments, such as the Blunderblade and Stormchaser Macewhip. But there are no elaborate combos to master, and The Last Faith forgoes the stamina-based system that regularly characterises Souls-Like games. Enemies provide a solid, varied challenge without being masochistic, and boss battles are suitably climactic, which definitely puts us in mind of Blasphemous, likely another influence for developer Kumi Souls Games.

A fairly comprehensive playthrough will likely take players between 15-20 hours, with there being scope for repeats thanks to the arsenal on offer and nominal room for build variety. That said, The Last Faith doesn't do much truly unique but rather blends what has come before into something new but familiar. The amount of mileage you ultimately get out of it will vary, depending on your appetite for this mashup.

All in all, The Last Faith competently blends the Souls-Like and Metroidvania subgenres, dressing the package in a very compelling gothic Victorian aesthetic, one clearly inspired by Bloodborne.