Yes, All Those Awesome Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Accessories Are Getting Scalped 1
Image: Push Square

Sony opened pre-orders for its collection of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 accessories earlier this week, with its custom console covers and DualSense controller selling out pretty fast. While you can still purchase the hardware bundle, it seems scalpers have their eye on the prize when it comes to the aforementioned add-ons, as they’re already being sold at tremendous mark-ups on auction sites like eBay.

A quick glance through recent listings reveals that the console covers, which have an official MSRP of around $64.99, are being flogged for anywhere from $150 up to $200. Meanwhile, the DualSense is selling for up to $150 as well. It’s worth noting that in all these cases, the scalpers are simply selling pre-orders, as the products won’t ship until 1st September, so they don’t actually have the items in-hand. Crazy times!

Obviously it was always expected that demand would be high for these items, and they’re limited edition so it was inevitable they’d carry a significant mark-up. Still, it’s always wild to see just how high the prices will rise on auction sites for sought after items like this. As always, we’d recommend not paying the premium, no matter how much you want these accessories; let’s hope Sony can add some more stock to its PS Direct website, rendering these inflated listings obsolete.

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