VR Skater PS5 PSVR2 Sony 1

VR Skater, the fascinating PSVR2 skateboarding sim, had been schedule to release on 21st July – but developer Deficit Games has bailed on that release date, while it fixes some PlayStation approval issues. While it’d be easy to point the finger at the platform holder, a spokesperson for Perp Games told us the Japanese giant has been “amazing” throughout.

“We have had a few things we need to fix, including some Trophy support issues,” we were told. “The good news is that these have been fixed and although we could have looked into a day one patch and still kept our release date, we want to make sure all the new changes are thoroughly tested well in advance of release date.”

The game will now grind onto Sony’s new-gen console from 4th August, so it’s a very minor delay in the grand scheme of things. “We are very sorry for everyone who was excited to play the VR Skater this Friday,” the spokesperson added. “We hope you understand our decisions and once again, we are sorry for the delay.”