Comic Con has just swung by, and Insomniac Games was there to show off more of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, giving us our first proper look at Venom. The anti-hero is set to be a key part of the story in the sequel, and he's so beloved that it's important the studio gets it right. So, what does Todd McFarlane, one of the character's creators, make of this interpretation?

In the above IGN video, he's asked this exact question. In short, he gives Insomniac's version of Venom the thumbs up. He says what he looks for with Venom is his intimidating size and gnarly teeth, which we're definitely getting in the game. McFarlane's also a fan of the bold spider design on his chest, but is less enthusiastic about the long tongue. That aspect of Venom's look came later through Erik Larsen.

But anyway, McFarlane says he looks "badass" and "vicious", commenting Insomniac "did a nice job making him feel like a monster". So, seal of approval achieved. We're sure the dev team's feeling good about that!

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