Twisted Metal PS1 PlayStation Sony Trophies 1
Image: Push Square

Trophy hunters, rejoice! Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2, launching officially on PS5 and PS4 this week as part of PS Plus Premium, will both have Platinum Trophies to unlock. Confirmation comes courtesy of server scraping site Exophase, with the full lists now appearing on Sony’s backend. The original game has a total of 31 Trophies to unlock, while its PS1 successor has 30 Trophies.

In order to get the Platinum in the original game, you’ll need to beat the release as all of the characters, which will probably take you a little time. The emulated version does have save states and rewind functionality, however, so it should make the gameplay a little easier. Twisted Metal 2 has a very similar Trophy list, although you will need to fulfil some other gameplay conditions, like driving on water in Paris.

As an aside, the other new retro game addition this week Gravity Crash Portable also has a full Trophy list, with a Platinum up for grabs. You’ll basically need to play through the campaign, collect a specific number of gems, and fulfil some score quotas across various modes to earn your Platinum gong. All of these should be fairly achievable with the rewind function.

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