MythForce is certainly an eye-catching game, with its cartoon-inspired aesthetic tapping into a specific nostalgia centre in our brains. It's a good thing, then, that the cooperative melee roguelike is coming out even sooner than we'd expected: step into a classic Saturday morning cartoon from 12th September on PS5 and PS4.

Your stalwart band of four playable heroes (each with their own unique playstyles) are all that stand between the malevolent Eldryth and the fantastically named vampire lord, Deadalus, from total world domination. Gameplay looks smooth and responsive, and your characters will level up and improve as they explore a vast, ever-changing castle.

First-person swords & sorcery sounds pretty sweet to us, and we'll be keeping an eye on this one as its airing date approaches. Now, if we could just get something in a Teknoman and a Mighty Max, our inner child might finally be sated. What do you think of MythForce? Did you have a favourite cartoon growing up? Catch up on some hidden gems in the comments section below.