MythForce is a love letter to the types of 80s cartoons those of us of a certain vintage (or who had older siblings) will likely recall from idle younger days. Currently in Early Access on PC, it features first-person fantasy combat and cooperative multiplayer and is making the jump to PS5 and PS4 in Fall (or Q3, if you prefer).

It kind of puts us in mind of Tiny Tina Wonderlands, actually, if that game were made more appropriate for kids, and you were to throw in some of that OG Dungeons and Dragons cartoon energy for good measure. It's being developed by Beamdog, the studio responsible for the excellent remastered collection of classic D&D CRPGS on PlayStation with the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition pack, which gives us additional confidence.

What do you think of MythForce? Do you remember the bad old days of Saturday cartoons? Which were your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.