If you’ve been looking for reasons to replay the DotEmu’s bodacious beat-‘em-up TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, then you’re about to get your wish with the addition of DLC expansion Dimension Shellshock. Due out later this year, the developer’s already announced steely rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo as a playable character – but now it’s popped the manhole cover on the add-on’s Survival Mode, too.

Showcased in the above trailer, and then further expanded upon in the PS Underground video below, the mode will see you battling your way through different dimensions, upgrading your character in roguelite-inspired style. “The extended footage tours the Edo dimension, inspired by Japan; the four Turtles in 8-bit backgrounds; and Splinter, Casey, April, and Usagi in Omnichannel 6,” teases the press release.

This seems like the perfect way to extend the lifespan of an already sublime side-scroller brawler: an endlessly replayable mode that will allow you to flex your half-shell skills. Will you be picking up this DLC, or have you already had your fill of Shredder’s Revenge? Sharpen your ninja skills in the comments section below.