Here's another win for PSVR2 users: the acclaimed first-person puzzler, The Room VR: A Dark Matter, is being ported to Sony's new headset. It launched for the last-gen visor back in 2020, but Fireproof Games is bringing it to the more modern PSVR2 very soon.

You can get a taste for it in the new trailer above. If you're unaware, this is a first-person escape room puzzle game, and the first virtual reality entry in the series. You explore each room you find yourself in, and they're packed with clues and puzzles that help you solve an overarching mystery. As with its flat-screen predecessors, The Room VR received strong reviews, praising its immersive presentation and intricate puzzles.

Unfortunately we have no details on precisely what is changing or being upgraded for the PSVR2 version, but we presume it's the usual — enhanced resolution and performance, PSVR2 Sense Controller implementation, and so on. We'll try to get confirmation from the developer. Whatever the case, this is also a free upgrade if you already own the original PSVR version.

The PSVR2 edition of The Room VR: A Dark Matter launches 27th July 2023, in just a week's time. Will you be checking it out? Use your noggin in the comments section below.