Street Fighter 6 PS5 PS4 Rashid Fighter Pass 1

There’s no release date attached to Street Fighter 6’s first DLC addition Rashid right now, but he’s due out in the summer and the EVO Championships take place in early August, so it’s probably safe to assume he’s roughly a month away. More evidence comes courtesy of the title’s newest Fighter Pass, which rolls out the red carpet for the Turbulent Wind.

Once again, this will set you back 250 Fighter Coins, which works out at around £3.99/$4.99 in real money. The pass – available now and scheduled to run through 23rd July – includes a bunch of Rashid-inspired cosmetics, some in-game music, stickers, an emote, and a couple of other cosmetics, like a smartphone wallpaper and a photo mode border.

You’ll also get unlimited access to Capcom’s classic 80s arcade shooter Hyper Dyne Side Arms, and if you keep progressing through the pass you’ll be able to make back your Fighter Coins, effectively rendering the Fighter Pass free. Will you be getting ready for Rashid’s arrival by completing this latest Fighter Pass? Throw down in the comments section below.