The Settlers: New Allies PS4 PlayStation

Like a bolt out of the blue, the venerable strategy series The Settlers debuts today on PlayStation with New Allies, despite having missed its previous March release date in order to "ensure the best possible experience for players". It seems like that particular provision has now been achieved, as The Settlers: New Allies is available right now in the early-bird time zones (Australia confirmed).

The Settlers: New Allies features real-time strategy gameplay in the vein of Age of Empires, although presumably much slower in pace, with a greater economic focus (although there is plenty of combat, too). At least, that was the case with the older games. As such, the series found a natural home on PC, and as more and more quality strategy games make their way to PS5 and PS4, it seems the time for the venerable franchises' console conversion is here.

What's your history with The Settlers? Will you be checking out New Allies? Arm your citizens when times get tough in the comments section below.