With Sony's most recent Showcase dividing fan opinion, to put things mildly, we could at least see some indie gems out of Kyoto, which would be nice. Japan's largest indie game festival is BitSummit, or "BitSummit Let's Go!!" if you prefer, and it is being held over the weekend, from 14th-16th July.

Shuhei Yoshida, as Sony Interactive Entertainment's Indie Initiative, will be in attendance, speaking to creators and developers. In addition, we learn from the Japanese PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation booth will feature 12 games setup for trial play, which are detailed below. They also note that the "booth design is perfect for posting on social media, with a focus on how it looks", which will be a shame to miss, but we're looking forward to living vicariously through those lucky enough to attend.

The 12 titles playable on the show floor, along with their expected release date, can be seen below. We've added some links to Steam to give you an idea of gameplay where possible, but all are coming to PlayStation platforms.

Nour: Play with Your Food

Title Release Developer
Trinity S 20th October, 2023 Phoenixx
Indie-us Games
Dungeon Drafters 2023 Dangen Entertainment
Manalith Studios
Kiminomachi Sand Rock 26th September, 2023 EXNOA
Pathea Games
Viewfinder 19th July, 2023 THUNDERFUL PUBLISHING
TBD Panic Inc.
Terrifying Jellyfish
Eternal Nights 21st September, 2023 Studio Sai
Zombie of the Dot 2023 Kemco
hit points
Paper Trail TBD Newfangled Games
PixelJunk Eden 2 2023 Q-games
Animal Well TBD shared memory
Tokyo Psychodemic 2023 Gravity Game Arise
Genji no Yohane -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- 16th November, 2023 Inti Creates

What do you think of Sony's indie lineup for BitSummit, does anything catch your eye? Let us know in the comments section below.