PlayStation Showcase Fan Reaction
Image: Push Square

Now that we're a couple of days removed from the PlayStation Showcase and everyone's had a chance to calm down a bit (and write their reaction articles!), we think it's worth taking a look at what fans actually thought of the event. Over 10,000 Push Square readers voted in our post-showcase poll, which asked a simple question: How would you rate Sony's latest PlayStation Showcase?

The results of said poll are more divided than you might think, especially since so much criticism has surrounded the event online. Most users actually rated the PlayStation Showcase as just 'okay' — that's 28% of the total vote.

Having said that, the overall results do still trend towards negativity. 22% said the show was 'poor', and a further 22% either said it was 'very poor' or straight-up 'terrible'. Not the kind of reception Sony would have been hoping for.

Just 5% of readers thought the event was 'excellent' — the most positive option — but a not-insignificant 15% went with 'good'. It's not all doom and gloom, then.

PlayStation Showcase Poll Results
Image: Push Square

In short, it was a showcase that clearly divided fan opinion. And while the general consensus seems to be that it was a completely missed opportunity for PlayStation Studios specifically, the poll results at least suggest that it wasn't all bad — and we think that's a fair assessment.

Did you expect the results of our poll to be much more negative? Or does it all seem accurate? Ask when the next PlayStation Showcase is in the comments section below.

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