God of War Xbox 1

Perhaps the lawyers at Microsoft are too busy trying to wrap up the company’s near-$70 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, because we’re not entirely sure how this God of War knock-off made it onto the Xbox Store. War Gods Zeus of Child, developed by a company named Dolaka Ltd – we couldn’t find a website – is plagiarism in its finest form: the studio hasn’t even tried to hide the fact that it’s effectively copied Kratos’ character model.

The game appears to be a fully-fledged release, with a PEGI rating and all – although we couldn’t find reference to it on the ratings board’s official website. We assume, therefore, it’s actually part of the Xbox Creators Collection, which is a section of Microsoft’s storefront reserved for apps which don’t necessarily require the firm’s full stamp of approval. We suppose you could compare this to, say, a Dreams homage – although it’s being sold for real-money, and isn’t labelled any differently to the other products on the Xbox Store. Odd.

God of War Xbox 2

Judging by some Eurogamer.net footage of this title, we doubt Sony will be too fussed: yes, it’s technically infringing on the platform holder’s property, but is it really doing any damage? After all, God of War Ragnarok is about three months away now, and we’ve got a hunch it’s going to completely outshine War Gods Zeus of Child. However, it is an amusing reminder of the challenges all platform holders face when it comes to content curation on their storefronts.

Nevertheless, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently mentioned that Santa Monica Studio’s sequel is his most anticipated game – well, looks like he has something to keep him occupied until November now!

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