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Imagine, if you will, Half-Life 3 is announced. Better, it will be developed by a best-in-class AAA studio. Not the original creators, mind, but the next best thing, and more appropriate, given the modern context and how much time has passed.

That's kind of how momentous it feels to be an old-school RPG fan on the precipice of Baldur's Gate 3's launch, in case all you've seen is the ludicrous druid sex stuff. Developer Larian Studios certainly understands the gravity of the situation, going so far as to have its legal team draft this handy leave dispensation request, which any respectable employer is duty-bound to honour.

Now, admittedly, this gracious piece of parchment seems aimed towards PC players (given the timing), with Baldur's Gate 3 getting back to its CRPG roots on 3rd August. The mammoth D&D simulator will not be gracing PS5 until 6th September, but crucially, the document itself is not dated, so we can't see this being an issue with anyone's boss once properly explained (right, Sammy?).

How will you be celebrating Baldur's Day? Stand in solidarity with your fellow adventurers, and remember to gather your party before venturing forth. Let us know how you go in the comments section