Final Fantasy 16 Sales UK

Final Fantasy 16 dropped off the top spot of the UK sales charts this week, but as we've been saying for years now, the charts themselves rarely tell the whole story of a game's commercial success. This is because digital sales are only becoming more and more prevalent, and, frustratingly, the publicly released charts are based exclusively on physical copies sold.

Case in point: Final Fantasy 16's launch sales in the UK were down 74% on what Final Fantasy 15 managed back in 2016 — a figure that sparked much speculation over the PS5 title's commercial appeal. However, it's now being reported that over 56% of Final Fantasy 16's UK sales were digital, made through the PlayStation Store. In other words, we only got (less than) half the story via last week's charts.

For the record, Final Fantasy 16 is well on track to being a hit. It's surpassed 3 million sales worldwide, and you can probably expect that total to increase as the year goes on. Still, it's stuff like this that makes us wish charts took digital sales into account. Even the Japanese charts are based on retail copies alone.

What's your take on Final Fantasy 16's sales so far? Question physical charts in the comments section below.