Another jaw-dropping trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 aired overnight, introducing Geras as one of All Confirmed Characters. As a Keeper of Time, his moveset revolves around his ability to freeze rivals in stasis, allowing him to unleash on them before restarting the clock and dishing out immense damage. His ridiculous Fatality, meanwhile, sees him eroding the body of his opponent in a cyclone of sand.

The trailer also includes some new footage of Liu Kang, and a first glimpse of his Fatality, which may be the most utterly ridiculous thus far. In the clip, he appears to summon a vortex which he pushes his opponent through into space. He then appears to hold them over a black hole, while the void sucks the flesh and major organs from his foe.

Everything is looking pristine yet again in this game: the environments are gorgeous, the movesets are all unique and interesting, and the cutscenes look like a lot of fun. Remember, the pre-order beta will start fairly soon, and you can find out more about that through here.

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