Update: Here it is! The official version of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story trailer, in all of its 4K glory. Like we said previously, this is a breathtaking trailer that’s sure to have you hyped by its conclusion.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

Original Story: Insomniac Games anchored its highly anticipated Comic-Con panel moments ago with a jaw-dropping story trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While we’re still awaiting the official 4K upload from PlayStation, there are some potato cam bootleg recordings beginning to emerge around social media – and it looks incredible.

The trailer starts with Peter Parker chatting with his friend Harry Osborn. Obviously, fans will know he was terminally ill in the first game, but here he speaks of getting “another chance”. Later on, we see Parker introducing Osborn to Miles Morales and Mary-Jane Watson at some kind of carnival, before the trailer takes a darker turn, showing Kraven the Hunter and finally Venom.

It’s one helluva clip, packed with beautiful sweeping scenery and the kind of insanely high-budget cinematics you’ve come to expect from a first-party PlayStation exclusive. Additional footage, screenshots, and information are likely to emerge in the aftermath of the panel, and we’ll update as soon as we know more.