HoYoverse Gamescom Zenless Zone Zero Genshin Impact Honkai

Chinese juggernaut HoYoverse is bringing all of its biggest games – sorry, Tears of Themis – to Gamescom next month, including a fully playable PS5 build of turnbased RPG Honkai: Star Rail. The spacefaring smash hit is scheduled to release on Sony’s system later this year, but this is the first time it’ll be publicly playable on a PlayStation console.

The firm’s spacious floor booth won’t end there, however: it’s also bringing along Genshin Impact, where we assume it’ll tease the anticipated new region, Fontaine. The press release alone promises “stage shows, musical performances, competitions, and all kinds of fun activities”. This is what happens when you’re making even more profit than PlayStation!

The long-anticipated Zenless Zone Zero will also be in attendance, and hopefully we’re getting closer to a release date for that. The title’s been in beta for what feels like an eternity now, and while there’s been no official confirmation of a PlayStation port, we’d be surprised if it didn’t end up targeting Sony’s system eventually.

Then, for the smartphone players among you, the developer’s ageing Honkai Impact 3rd will also get its moment in the spotlight, as a new “energising sun-kissed theme” is revealed. Gamescom will, of course, take place between 23rd August and 27th August this year – although, unfortunately, Sony itself will not be in attendance.