Sony PlayStation PS5 Gamescom 1
Image: Push Square

In what is now becoming a consistent trend, Sony will not attend Gamescom again this year. News comes via German industry website Gamesmarkt, which reports the Japanese giant has no plans to attend Cologne and exhibit on the show floor. This doesn’t mean it’ll have zero presence, of course: third-parties will likely demo games on PS5, and it may still save some scraps of information for Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live event. Last year, for example, it revealed the DualSense Edge.

Historically, the platform holder would have a huge presence at Gamescom, even holding entire press conferences at the event in years past. But those days are long behind us: the company keeps its cards close to its chest lately, and doesn’t appear to see much value in consumer conventions. Obviously, these events come at enormous expense, and the manufacturer may just not see the value in them anymore.

Gamesmarkt points out that, with Sony’s absence, there’s unlikely to be any showfloor presence from juggernaut upcoming exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which seems like a safe assumption to make. The game’s due out on 20th October, but press still hasn’t had an opportunity to go hands on with it, which once again reflects the manufacturer’s strategy in 2023. Exactly when and where we’ll hear from PlayStation again following last month’s PS Showcase is anyone’s guess, but we imagine there’ll be a couple more State of Plays before the year ends.