Heavenly Bodies is an entertaining co-op indie game that's filled with potential for chaos, and if you're into that sort of thing, good news: there's now more of it. A DLC pack called Cleanup is available to purchase on PS Store for PS5 and PS4, and it sounds like a substantial addition to the zero-gravity physics puzzler. In fact, it adds around five hours of new challenges, which is about what the base game offers.

Taking place after the events of the original adventure, the Cleanup DLC adds a huge, semi-open space station for you and up to three friends to explore across seven in-game days. You'll be kept busy with lots of floaty missions, making use of new tools and gadgets as well as the PMU (Piloted Manoeuvring Unit).

Basically, if you liked Heavenly Bodies and wished it had a bit more meat on its bones, this Cleanup DLC offers up more of the same clumsy, physics-driven madness. The pack is going for $7.99 / £6.19, or you can buy the base game and the DLC together as a bundle for $24.99 / £18.99.

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