We shouldn't need to tell you how scary the dangers of things going wrong in zero-g are; the movie Gravity eloquently made that point already. Heavenly Bodies takes itself less seriously, but the peril of floating off into nothingness still looms over an otherwise goofy, intentionally awkward game.

Playing alone or with another in local co-op, you're tasked with fulfilling simple missions rendered more difficult by the absence of gravity. Presented in 2D with a cross-section of each level, your avatar is a ragdoll astronaut afloat in physics-based stages, and you'll need to get to grips with the controls in order to even move around properly. Each stick represents an arm, each trigger controls a hand, and beyond tucking in your legs, the default level of control you have ends there.

The game's major hurdle is its first hour or two, in which you'll need to get used to how it operates. It'll take some time to learn how to propel yourself in the desired direction, operate simple things like levers, and orient yourself in a no-way-is-up environment. During this phase, it can be an exercise in frustration.

However, push past this, and you'll find a cleverly designed set of challenges that shine best in co-op. While things can quickly spiral if you're careless, completing objectives feels like a real triumph, and each mission scales things up, providing new ideas along the way. Once you have your head wrapped around it, Heavenly Bodies offers up wonderfully tactile puzzles, and the DualSense is really put through its paces. The game is rather short, but it does give you more to do after beating each mission. We should also mention there are three levels of control available, with the easiest allowing you to "swim" through the air (or lack of). While we do think there's a good time to be had here, be aware you'll need some patience to find the fun.