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Development on Guerrilla’s multiplayer adaptation of Horizon represents a “massive shift” for the studio “almost on the same level as doing the first [game in the series]”. That’s according to studio director Jan-Bart van Beek, who was talking at a keynote during the Develop:Brighton conference in the UK earlier today.

The veteran, unsurprisingly, wouldn’t comment too much on the co-op game, but said the team is excited about the project and relishing the opportunity: “Building out a two-player experience is a whole new challenge for the studio,” he revealed.

Van Beek added that the Dutch developer has approximately 16 “plans” for the franchise “clicking on”, including the aforementioned multiplayer game. There had been talk of some kind of MMO in partnership with South Korean studio NCSoft, but it’s unclear whether this is in active production or not. Either way, we assume “plans” here means various non-game projects as well, including the upcoming Netflix show.

Technically, there have already been two new Horizon releases this year alone: PSVR2 launch title Horizon: Call of the Mountain and DLC expansion Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. It doesn’t look like Sony will be pumping the brakes on this fledgling franchise any time soon, then – and nor should it, as it’s gone on to become a huge seller for the Japanese giant.

[source gamesradar.com]