While the next Genshin Impact update is hours away, hit developer HoYoverse has been quietly looking further forward, as it continues to tease its enormous Fontaine storyline. Those familiar with the release cadence for the juggernaut open world RPG will know that each region brings with it new gameplay and, crucially, characters – the latter of which will eventually comprise the gacha element of the titanic title.

And as part of a glitzy new trailer, the developer’s effectively dropped the motherlode. There are a ton of newcomers on display here, including the Claymore-wielding Cryo automaton Freminet and Lyney and Lynet, two halves of a magical double-act who subscribe to Pyro and Anemo respectively. We don’t know which of these will be four or five-star, but they’ll all feature in banners that launch alongside the hotly anticipated v4.0 update.

The trailer also lingers heavily on Arlecchino, the white-and-black haired antagonist from the trailer’s thumbnail. It’s likely she’ll be playable at some point in the near future, presumably later in Fontaine’s update cycle, but HoYoverse is happily just teasing fans for now. In the meantime, Secret Summer Paradise is set to get underway from 5th July, and should keep you occupied until the new region unlocks later this year.

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