New region Fontaine was the star of another action-packed Genshin Impact update, in which developer HoYoverse revealed the upcoming v3.8 update, scheduled to arrive on 5th July, 2023. While fans will have to wait a little longer to explore the new underwater area, it looks like there should be plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime.

The update, Secret Summer Paradise, will see you whisked away to a new, limited time area filled with summer attractions and bountiful rewards. The Veluriyam Mirage includes two new gameplay activities: the rollercoaster-inspired Choo-Choo Cart and the Preprint Mode, a kind of puzzle game where you’ll manipulate 3D objects to solve platforming challenges in 2D.

As you explore you’ll discover Joyeux Vouchers, and once you’ve got enough you’ll unlock a new outfit for Kaeya. Fan-favourite Klee is also getting a new costume, and there’ll be a handful of minigames for you to try your hand at in return for various prizes. The water cannon shooting gallery named Spino Blaster specifically looks like a ton of fun.

In terms of banners, Klee and Eula will return for the first half of the update, while you’ll be able to pull for Kokomi and Wanderer in the second half. And if that wasn’t enough, Genius Invokation TCG is getting another massive update, with the addition of three new character cards and an endless run mode.

You can check out the latest update in the trailer above, and find the newest Genshin Impact redemption codes through the link. If you want to see the brief tease of Fontaine, then make sure you watch the Special Program through here. And let us know what you think of the newest update in the comments section below.