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Diablo 4's latest patch is live now on PlayStation platforms, bringing with it a long list of bug fixes and improvements, but most crucially of all, makes the acquisition of Unique items easier. Blizzard posted the full list, which is available for your perusal, but for our purposes, it's the addition of Unique items and gear to Helltide Chests which has us most excited.

Helltides are optional Endgame events that occur in Diablo 4 and are a fantastic way to grind once you beat the base Campaign. Unique-tier loot is the highest in the game, above even Legendary, and previously were dropping at such a low rate Blizzard had to actually clarify the situation. Considering we spend so much of our time nobly driving back the forces of Hell (oftentimes singlehandedly, it seems), this is a pleasant plus, as Helltide Chests are a happy byproduct of this process.

How are you feeling about Diablo 4 right now, are you looking forward to the start of Season of the Malignant? Let us know in the comments section below.

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