Humanity, which launched on PS Plus Extra back in May, is a surreal but wonderful puzzle game that we definitely recommend. While the main campaign is the major draw, little has been said of its robust level creation mode, which lets players construct their own stages and share them online. Developer Enhance Games has just released a new update that expands this mode even further, letting you add even more to your levels.

Update 1.07 is available to download and install now, and you can see the new level editor features in the above video. Basically, you're getting access to late-game enemies and features. For example, you'll be able to place down lasers, which need to be blocked with, well, a block to let the humans pass unharmed. You can also employ turrets that shoot humans on sight, or utilise an allied laser drone that can mow down enemies. There's plenty of dangerous toys to tinker with in this update, so you can make your gruelling stages even more treacherous.

Enhance has uploaded a batch of example levels to show you some of the possibilities with these new additions. Lastly, a new level theme — Cosmos — has also been thrown in, so you can take your stages into the stars.

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