Third-person dino shoot-‘em-up Exoprimal was one of the main stars of today’s Capcom Showcase ahead of its 14th July release date. In fact, the online outing was on-screen for a long­ time, as the publisher discussed some of the feedback it’s implemented from the recent beta, and delved a little deeper into the plot of the game.

Perhaps the main news is that a second open beta will run from 16th June through 18th June, and this will include much more content than past iterations. More importantly, if you play the open beta and go on to buy the full game, then you’ll unlock a bonus Exosuit skin for your troubles.

This is a live service game, so the publisher also showcased all of the goodies you can expect to unlock during the title’s first Season Pass. This appears to include a variety of cosmetics, customisation options, and much more. Of course, don’t forget, there’s also Street Fighter 6 crossover content coming later this year.