Poll: Was Capcom Showcase 2023 All Killer, or Mostly Filler? 1
Image: Push Square

Capcom is one of the last major publishers with its own dedicated event this June. It's been on a fantastic run of form for years now, and today was another opportunity for the company to show it's still going strong. We saw a handful of exciting titles from the publisher during Capcom Showcase 2023, including Dragon's Dogma 2, Exoprimal, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and more — but was this a worthy broadcast, or a bit of a letdown?

Whether you think this was a winner or a stinker, we want to hear your thoughts. Have you been left excited for what Capcom has to offer in future, or did nothing catch your eye during the show? Make your voices heard by voting in our poll, then take to the comments section below to elaborate.

How would you rate Capcom Showcase 2023? (596 votes)

  1. Excellent3%
  2. Very good7%
  3. Good11%
  4. Okay24%
  5. Poor21%
  6. Very poor14%
  7. Terrible21%