Metal Gear Solid: Delta

Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised, considering we knew the original voice cast was returning, but Metal Gear Delta: Snake Eater will actually reuse the original voice lines as well.

In an interview with the Verge, Tommy Williams, head of communications for Konami in the Americas, confirmed the news. David Hayter likely has the lion's share of work to do, but getting the whole gang back together couldn't have been easy, we'd bet.

In addition, he cleared up something else everyone kind of figured, that the triangle in the title is pronounced: "delta." The fourth letter of the ancient Greek alphabet signifies change or difference without altering structure (at least in mathematics), which is rather poetic, actually, but we digress.

This should probably go without saying, but Kojima wasn't involved with the project. What do you think of this dedication to the original? Are you glad those classic lines are being reused, or would you prefer a modernised script? Sing that same old song in the comments section below.