Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5

A big part of the storyline in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 involves Venom. One of the hero's best-known adversaries, the villain usually appears after Peter Parker utilises — and subsequently discards — the alien Symbiote that enhances his powers. This is a very well-documented series of events in the comics and movies, and Insomniac Games is planning its own interpretation in the sequel.

A big part of the appeal with Venom is Spidey's black, Symbiote-infused suit. Usually very minimalistic with a white spider emblem on solid black, the outfit is a fan favourite. However, the developer has created its own version, and as we've seen in the gameplay demo, it's kinda gross-looking. It has a slimy sheen, and clearly isn't made of typical materials. In fact, it's organic, which is why we see those inky tendrils shooting out of Peter's arms.

Speaking to IGN, creative director Bryan Intihar talks about the suit's design. He teases that the outfit's origin will "tie into why it looks a certain way". In other words, there are narrative reasons why this version of the suit doesn't quite look like the Symbiote costumes we're used to. Intihar adds that there's "more to that suit than we’ve shown in terms of visuals", so we can look forward to discovering those. He says that Insomniac's design aims to keep some familiarity but also add new elements — much like the team did with other suits in previous games.

The new suit isn't just for show, though. While playing as Peter Parker, you'll be able to use his Symbiote abilities, which make the character play much more aggressively and with greater power. Intihar calls his new finishers, some of which we saw in the gameplay, "borderline brutal".

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