Metaphor: ReFantazio PlayStation

Ah, Microsoft's media embargoes strike yet again! Metaphor: ReFantazio was officially announced during the Xbox Games Showcase last week, it being the full reveal of Persona developer Atlus' Project Re Fantasy, which has been in the works for years. It's a big budget, ambitious-looking RPG set against a fantastical backdrop.

Exciting stuff, but if you're a PlayStation or even Nintendo enthusiast, the hype was tempered by the fact that no platforms other than Xbox and PC were confirmed. At the time, we all assumed this was down to Microsoft's aforementioned embargoes, which prevent additional platforms being mentioned for 48 or 72 hours following the announcement.

You may have already seen these embargoes in action, as Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica were both confirmed for PS5 and PS4 several days after their reveal at the Xbox event.

But here's the thing: additional platforms for Metaphor: ReFantazio still haven't been announced, and we're now beyond the usual embargo limits. As such, there's growing concern that Atlus' next big thing could actually be skipping PlayStation.

Let's not jump to conclusions just yet, though. It's worth noting that there was no mention of out-and-out exclusivity ahead of Metaphor's Xbox trailer, just that the video was a 'World Premiere'. What's more — and this seems to have gone largely unreported — Atlus will be hosting a Japanese livestream for Metaphor on the 20th June. It's entirely possible that the embargo for this particular title is set to lift in time for the stream, where other platforms could be confirmed.

However this shakes out, there's no doubt that Microsoft's media embargoes are once again causing some confusion — which at least means they're effective, we suppose. As it stands, we're just going to have to wait and see how things unfold.

Would you be upset to hear that Xbox really does have some kind of exclusivity over Metaphor: ReFantazio? Remember the happy days of regular platform announcements in the comments section below.