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Firaxis, the venerable strategy game studio behind legendary franchises like XCOM (the reboots) and Civilization, has been hit with a round of layoffs. As reported by Axios, as many as 30 employees have been let go from the company, which is owned by parent company Take-Two Interactive and published by 2K Games.

After a string of hits in years past (XCOM 2, Civ 6), the studio's most recent title, the XCOM-influenced, card-powered Marvel's Midnight Suns, was a critical hit but a commercial failure.

The Marvel IP, it seems, was not enough of a draw to convert core gamers to the strategic niche. This is a shame because pundits in that area almost universally agree Midnight Suns is excellent, crafted by a veteran studio synonymous with quality. Directed by the visionary strategic mind, Jake Solomon, foremost amongst the legendary ranks of Sid "The Father of Computer Gaming" Meir's personally mentored acolytes and true heir to a legacy as old as the medium, how could it be anything less?

Our thoughts and hearts are with those affected, and we hope they land on their feet swiftly.