Star Wars Outlaws PS5 PlayStation

We got our first good look at Star Wars Outlaws at Ubisoft's Forward Showcase, and it left a serious impression, with the prospect of spice deals gone wrong, speeder bike chases, and legendary smuggling runs in the offing. After the showing, during a developer breakdown of the footage (thanks, GamesRadar+), Outlaws' creative director Julian Gerighty commented on some of the mechanics at play.

During a scene in which the player can decide to bribe an Imperial official or pull a blaster and ratchet up hostilities with the Empire, Gerighty says: "In these choices, there is no wrong answer. There are just ways to weave your own story, ways to change, challenge, increase your reputation with certain factions and syndicates, decrease it, gain an advantage, or a different perspective on the story, too. So we put a lot of effort in giving the player agency over their own trajectory."

This will apparently include a GTA-style wanted system, with the Empire acting as big brother and deploying increasingly aggressive hostile forces in response to your open-world actions.

Narrative director Navid Khavari described how various factions react to the player's actions, with syndicates like the Hutts or the Pykes throwing their weight around, saying: "Kay's reputation with the syndicates will play a big role in how she approaches her journey, whether it's the Pykes, Hutts, or others. We had a saying that in the underworld, you live and die by your reputation. If a job she takes hurts a syndicate, those opportunities aren't available, so her choices play into how she experiences her journey."

Star Wars Outlaws is due out in 2024 on PS5. What do you think so far? Descend into that den of vice and villainy, the comments section below.