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Final Fantasy seems to be having something of a resurgence, if you haven't noticed. It's not like the decades-old RPG series ever went away, or anything, but Square Enix seems focused and determined of late, done with distracting frivolities. Final Fantasy XVI, the next mainline entry and a triumphant return to form, is out today, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an eagerly anticipated 2024 title we have to look forward to.

But some of us, it seems, can't stop looking backwards. During a recent roundtable on Square Enix's YouTube channel (thanks GamesRadar+), Yoshinori Kitase broached a subject near his own heart (though perhaps not dear), that of the much-requested Final Fantasy VI remake. Kitase, having directed the original, really is the man to ask, and it seems like internally, Square Enix devs do just that.

Kitase said: "I think FF6 Remake would be difficult. FF7 Remake is not yet finished so I am not able to think about it. But for FF6 there are many fans inside the company and they often ask me 'When are we making 6?"

Final Fantasy VI is perhaps the single title a majority of long-time fans could agree as being, if not the best, close enough not to matter. It told a mature tale of war and personal sacrifice that was quite eye-opening at the time, blazing a trail that would be chased by Square Enix and its competitors for decades to come.

Do you hope Square Enix employees linger by the water cooler when Kitase is about, waxing poetic about the noble sacrifice Edgar made for his unwitting brother with a cheap trick? Or leave crude sketches of Magitek Armor-clad Biggs and Wedge battling that first thunder-eating snail boss on his desk? Let us know in the comments section below.