Final Fantasy 16's PS5 Marketing Hype Peaks with Official Exhibition at Tower of London 1
Image: Push Square

No expense has been spared for Final Fantasy 16’s all-encompassing marketing campaign, and with the PS5 console exclusive launching later this week, publisher Square Enix’s efforts have peaked. The Japanese juggernaut has partnered with the UK’s Royal Armouries – a world-famous museum that houses Britain’s national collection of arms – to forge Clive’s iconic Invictus sword and display it within the capital’s landmark Tower of London until 19th July.

The historic castle, which is one of the UK’s most popular tourist spots, includes all kinds of weapons and armaments once wielded by real-life kings – and located centrally, on the first floor of the White Tower, visitors will now also find Clive’s sword in the flesh, crafted by real-life swordsmith Tod Todeschini. According to the press release, he spent months building the weapon, using a “mixture of traditional techniques and the latest technological advancements in sword making”.

The publisher elaborates: “The lower part of the blade was ground from solid steel using belt finishers and hand grinders and then a long steel peg was welded-on, which went from the blade ridge to the end of the pommel. The upper part of the blade was then made from two hollow shells, then welded together and cleaned using belt and hand grinders. The final pieces of detail at the top of the blade were formed and spot welded in place to complete the blade.” Impressive!

Square Enix has yet to confirm what it intends to do with the sword once the exhibit has ended, but with the Tower of London likely to be visited by thousands upon thousands of tourists this summer, we’re fairly confident its partnership with the Royal Armouries will be fruitful for the firm. In fact, having already seen the Crown Jewels up-close, this author is considering planning a trip to the capital just to see Clive’s sword up-close!

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