Remnant II is the more streamlined-sounding successor to Remnant: From the Ashes, a pretty darn good third-person cooperative cover shooter that incorporated Soulslike elements in a novel way. The sequel, like any good sequel should, looks to build upon that foundation and construct something new. We got a new trailer for the game at Keigh-3 (Summer Game Fest), showing off a tantalising slice of gameplay.

We've kept an eye on this one as development continues and are particularly intrigued by the Handler Archetype, Remnant II's take on a pet class which employs both guns and good boys. For purists, the Gunslinger Archetype brings some six-shooter action to bear as a focused DPS alternative. Gaming groups looking for a more hardcore cooperative experience might find it on 25th July on PS5.

What do you think of Remant II? Did you play Remnant: From the Ashes? Hold out against impossible odds in the comments section below.

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