In perhaps the most emotionally manipulative trailer we have ever seen, shooty Soulslike Remnant 2 just earned its place on many people's GOTY year lists by introducing us to the dog-friendly Handler Archetype.

The Handler is accompanied into combat by one such furry best friend, who will attack and distract those nightmarish demonic entities while you blast them away with an arsenal of high-calibre weaponry.

We were already going to be checking out Remnant 2 simply because of how fun the first game was, but we really must applaud publisher Gearbox and developer Gunfire Games for this masterful use of canine propaganda, now assuring our day one purchase.

Remnant 2 doesn't yet have a firm release date on PS5, but it's due out sometime in 2023. What do you think of the Handler Archetype? Let us know who is and is not a good boy in the comments section below.