Persona 5 Rumour P5T

Last month, we reported on a newly registered website domain for something called 'P5T'. Said domain matched up with previous registrations from Persona publisher and developer Atlus, leading to a lot of speculation with regards to a potential Persona 5-related announcement.

As noted in our first article, a new domain registration doesn't necessarily mean that a game reveal is incoming — but it's starting to look like there really is something to '' after all.

Spotted by @MbKKssTBhz5 on Twitter and reported by Persona Central, the domain was actually updated on the 2nd June. Apparently, this kind of update has occurred multiple times in the past, almost always ahead of an imminent Persona announcement.

Previous timings suggest that a reveal might be coming within the next couple of weeks — which means that Summer Game Fest could be the venue.

It's certainly an interesting find, but are you sold on the idea of another Persona 5-based adventure? Wonder what the heck it could actually be in the comments section below.

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