Persona 5 P5T Domain

Trying to discern Atlus' plans for the Persona series has always been exceedingly difficult. The developer typically leaves very few hints as to what's happening behind the scenes, but over the last few years, fans have been identifying Persona-related domain registrations in an attempt to work things out.

And the latest domain to raise suspicions is 'P5T.JP' — as spotted by @MbKKssTBhz5. This registration doesn't necessarily mean that a new game exists — Atlus has registered a lot of similar domains since the release of Persona 5 in 2016 — but the interesting thing about P5T.JP is that it was only very recently locked in. On the 16th May, to be specific.

Naturally, with Sony's imminent PlayStation Showcase, and Summer Game Fest just a few weeks away, the timing will spark speculation. While we're not entirely sold — again, Atlus loves registering seemingly unused domain names — it's still worth a discussion.

The thing is, do we even want another game based on Persona 5? Or should Atlus just move on and get around to releasing Persona 6 already? Tell the Phantom Thieves to stay at home for once in the comments section below.

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