Even before its successful launch onto PS Plus Essential in April 2023, developer Behaviour Interactive was talking a big game when it came to post-launch support for Meet Your Maker. It promised a significant content update for this month, and now the DLC is ready for release. It'll be patched into the game next week on 27th June 2023 for PS5, PS4.

Take a look at the trailer above to see what's coming, but a quick overview introduces a new environment for you to craft lairs in, as well as another guard called the Ravager, traps to place named Sentry Beams, a new Custodian, and another weapon to add to your arsenal. In addition, there'll be more building blocks, props, and decals to utilise. This shall all be added to the game for free.

Furthermore, the studio will be making the game's Sector 1: Arsenal Pack free for everyone who owns the base game. After two weeks, it'll cost $7.99, so it's worth claiming if you're still playing.

In a press release, senior creative director Ash Pannell thanked the community for its creations up until now. "Since launch, player creativity has been off the charts and we're thrilled to now be giving our community even more twisted tools to push the limits of their imagination." We had a lot of praise for the game's core concept and level editor in our Meet Your Maker PS5 review, but ultimately landed on a 6/10 rating.

"Meet Your Maker's core premise is very strong, but the game's aesthetic and samey levels currently don't live up to that vision. While it can be fun in short bursts, raiding Outposts can quickly become tedious, although building your own stages for others to try is more fulfilling. Unless Behaviour Interactive can deliver much more variety in both gameplay and tools available to players, this game already feels like it's reached its limit."

Behaviour Interactive is proving with this content update it's willing to give the community more tools to use, so Meet Your Maker is likely only going to get better from this point forth. Will you be checking out the new content? Let us know in the comments below.